La rigogliosa Valle del Boite, in cui si trova San Vito, prende il nome dal torrente che la attraversa, attorniato da un fitto bosco di abeti, dove serpeggiano piacevoli sentieri, ideali per passeggiate e facili escursioni giornaliere con la famiglia.
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Panoramica is a walk which connects the two bridges across the Boite river, the first in Chiapuzza and the other at Serdes. From Serdes walk along the hillside of Alpe di Senes, turn right and go beyond the bar where the path starts. From Chiapuzza walk along the paved road for 100 mt then turn left and go beyond the bar.

Hike to Scotter Shelter


The shelter is a strategic starting point for connections between shelters and bivouacs in the entire area. It can be reached via the Val Rusecco carriageway and is an excellent starting point for walks and excursions of all levels of difficulty. An excellent destination for excursions with children, it is a support base along the Alta Via delle Dolomiti no. 3.

San Marco Shelter


Run by the Ossi family, the refuge offers simple home cooking that favors fresh ingredients. This is the meeting point of the Alte Vie Delle Dolomiti nos. 3, 4 and 5 and a support point for the ascent to Sorapiss, Antelao, Cima Bel Pra and Torre dei Sabbioni.

Hike to Galassi Shelter


Rifugio Galassi, managed by the Mestre Section of CAI, constitutes the favorite support base for the ascent to Antelao and a stopover point for travelers on the High Routes of the Dolomites Nos. 4 and 5.


Croda da Lago-Cernera

"The man of Mondeval" is an archaeological discovery of exceptional value. In 1985, a burial site of a Mesolithic hunter who lived about seven thousand five hundred years ago was discovered in a large pine forest, located at an altitude of 2150 meters, between the Pelmo massif and the "lastoi del Formin," in the territory of San Vito di Cadore. The site can be reached from the Giau Pass by parking near the Malga Giau and following trail No. 436 to the junction of Forcella Giau. Then continue along trail No. 466 to the Casera Mondeval De Sora where the boulder that served as a shelter for "the man of Mondeval" is located.

Hike to Socol

Pleasant and easy family walk through the woods of San Vito and those of Cortina via trail 426.