“Ex Ferrovia delle Dolomiti” (disused Dolomites railway) piste, Cortina-Cimabanche

Fiames Nordic Ski Center
Fiames Nordic Ski Center

A splendid trail along the disused Dolomites railway line, which was closed in 1964 and converted into a track used for cross-country skiing in winter, and for cycling in summer. The entire route presents no difficulties, and it is prepared both for classic and skate techniques, so that anyone who loves cross-country skiing can follow it without any problems at all.

The route has a gentle but constant uphill slope, with sections running through tunnels and over bridges that were part of the old railway, features that give this itinerary a special fascination. From Fiames, the piste heads northwards towards the Cimabanche Pass, with a long straight section between mounts Col Rosà and Pomagagnon, then going around the Podestagno hill and reaching the hamlet Ospitale, where there is a characteristic restaurant and the oldest church in Cortina, dating back to the 13th century. From here, the piste goes through a forested area and continues alongside two small lakes, until it reaches the Cimabanche Pass, at 1,529 m, the highest point on the route. Here you will find a fantastic place for refreshments: Chalet Passo Cimabanche. To return, follow the same route that you took for the outbound trip.


The fact that the route runs near roads with many bus stops makes it possible to leave the track at any time.


23 km
1.532 m
Positive elevation gain
1.115 m
Negative elevation gain
1.124 m
Best time